Siri Sucks! Worst User Experience of Any Voice Based Assistant

Siri is the worst implementation of voice based assistant today. Apple has done very little to improve it overtime so far. I have been using iPhone for many generations of iPhone now and am constantly disgusted and frustrated by Siri.

In contrast, whenever I have used Google’s implementation of voice based assistant either on iPhone or somebody else’s Android it has never let me down. Google’s implementation is far superior. One of the ways it is superior is it does not need an active internet connection to dial a number from my address book or many other local tasks.

Being a software developer I cannot understand why Siri cannot do anything without internet connection. There is no need to send everything to the cloud with a potent device like iPhone in hand. I remember my early MS Window Mobile (circa 2006) could do much better voice recognition than Siri.

I do not understand why it is hard to voice dial people in my contacts or detect their name also why there is no feature to announce who is calling on an incoming call.

Bottom line Siri sucks and if you are using iPhone you are stuck with it. If Apple can’t do a good job improving Siri at least they should let you plugin your own voice assistant as a first class provider (system wide not just in a particular app).