My Advice To New Software Developers

  • Don’t settle too early and don’t artificially constraint yourself. For instance:
    • Don’t say I am a Java or .NET developer and restrict yourself to only those platforms
    • Don’t stay in the same company for too long, some times you settle for 1 year of experience repeated 5 times rather than 5 years of real experience. You can always come back to a company if you like it better than the next one. In large companies you can move to a different group.
    • Don’t move too fast, take the time to learn from the smart people around you. If you are the smartest person there leave immediately.
  • Keep learning new and perspective changing technologies and not learn more of the same. For instance:
    • If you know a object oriented language (C++) learn functional language like Haskell
    • If you know a statically typed language (Java) learn a dynamically typed language like Ruby
    • Keep an eye on the trending technologies and briefly explore them to get a taste of them
  • Teach what you have learned to others, you have learned it if you can teach it