How I got Flash working on Kindle Fire HD 8.9″?

The Amazon Customer Experience was not very eloquent about flash being not supported anymore and wasted my time.

I ended up on some good Amazon customer forums entries that helped me, here is the best forum entry I found.

Here are the steps to get Flash working on your Kindle Fire HD 8.9″:

  1. Download ES File Explorer from Amazon App Store.
  2. Download Dolphin HD apk from your Silk Browser.
  3. Download Adobe Flash Plugin from your Silk Browser
  4. Open ES File Explorer app and go to Download folder.
  5. Open the Dolphin HD apk file. You will get a prompt to about Application Install Blocked.
  6. Press the Settings button and Allow Installation of Application from unknown sources.
  7. Now hit the back button (or go back to ES File Explorer and click on Dolphin HD apk again).
  8. Next click on Adobe Flash plugin also and open it using Dolphin HD browser and finish installing Flash.
  9. Open Dolphin HD browser app and open your favorite flash website.
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