Using Adobe’s New Source Code Fonts in Sublime Text 2 on Mac

I just tweeted how much I love using the newly discovered Adobe Code fonts in Sublime Text 2 and though I should document the steps I followed to use them:

  1. Download font from Adobe Sourceforge: Source Sans Pro & Source Code Pro
  2. The easiest way I found to install all the font files on a Mac was to go to the terminal; cd to the downloaded font directory and type:

    open *.otf

  3. All the files will open in the Font Book app; Click “Install” button for each of them
  4. Now to use it open Sublime Text 2; open Preference -> Settings – User
  5. Add the following lines to the existing settings (if empty add these lines inside braces {}) to use the Light version of Source Sans Pro font in Size 17

    "font_size": 17.0,
    "font_face": "Source Code Pro Light"
    //"font_face": "Source Sans Pro Light"

  6. You can toggle the “//” on the two lines to try out the other font and adjust the font size as you prefer

Happy Coding!!!

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  1. November 20, 2012