Book: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

The frisson never died. The excitement kept me turning one page after another. Andy Hunt’s Pragmatic Thinking and learning : Refactor Your Wetware is life changing and I highly recommend it to all Software Developers new and old.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning (PTL) is full of ideas and insights. It is based on a lot of research and background reading. It would save you a lot of trouble of going through a lot of books and research to learn the same material which might not be written this well. I had already read some of the books mentioned in the book, some were on my candidate list and some I added to my candidate list based on citations from this book but this is a concise collection of all these tips and tricks you learn from all these books (some of them I will never read as they are research on neuroscience and nursing professionals).

What does Pragmatic Programmer and Pragmatic Thinking and Learning have in common besides practical advice, tons of insight and being my all time favorite books? Andy Hunt. Andy is awesome. Not only he writes well he is a very articulate speaker. In fact the way I got introduced to this book while it was being written was a talk he gave at my company. This book is so much more than that talk I loved.

I will write more about the practical tips as I act on them in the future in this blog or on my twitter but for now I just wanted to give a shout out for this fantastic book.

If you want to buy it from my favorite book seller online here is the link.

  1. April 14, 2009
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