New blog dedicated to my software development adventures

I was feeling the need of something like this for a long time but officially I thought of this new blog today on the bus commuting back home.

I started with looking for a better blogging website then livejournal or blogger both of whom I have used and am using for my various blogs. Two of the blogs that I frequently update are my personal blog and Maryam’s (my daughter) photoblog.

I discoverd today how hard it could be to find a good name that is available for your new blog on popular sites like blogger. My main problem with livejournal is that it only gives you one blog per user/login. Blogger gives you as many as you want but livejournal has some nice native clients that you can install and enjoy using for your blog posting. My favorite livejournal client for Windows is Semagic.

The result of searching for the ideal blogging website did not give me many options and I finally decided to give with the tried and tested blogger. Now I need to find a nice client for blogger/blogspot to make it easy on myself to blog.

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  1. October 12, 2005